Feedback from Use the Use: Reindex

TAGCommentThe Analytical Group left a comment on the Use the Use post (here), addressing my pitfall/pet peeve with the duplicate indexes=0 issue.

To clarify, here is what I said:

The last pitfall is more like an annoyance, with the new version of WinCross (#14), WinCross is no longer allowing duplicate indexes=0. Previously WinCross allowed duplicate indexes=0, because when you re-opened the job file, it would automatically assign a proper index number for it. Now, if you are playing around with the tables, you can inadvertently make your blank indexes turn to 0s. This is fine if it only happens to one table; problematic for more than one in that the tables will not run!

And here is what The Analytical Group replied:

In case it helps, note that while editing in the job file you can select the “Reindex” command from the (right-click) context menu. This will reindex all the tables in the job file, taking care to update any index numbers that appear in USE statements or “RT” ranking options.

THIS is part of the reason why I wanted to do a blog about WinCross – so I could learn stuff too! So, if anyone else has some feedback for me, bring it!